I have a technical blog called A Field Perspective on Engineering that I use to share things my mentors taught me and support the classes that I teach.   But for a while now, I have felt that there were non-technical things I wanted to share and I decided to create this blog as a way to do that.

One of the reasons for doing this is to somehow document the events that triggered my desire, things like my early childhood memories from the family farm, finding my Dad’s letter’s home from the days leading up to and after the Normandy invasion, and most recently, the passing of Riley, our puppy.

When I think about why I want to do this, a number of things come to mind.

  • They are part of the legacy of my family and if nothing else, might be of interest to our kids and grand kids
  • Some of the things that have moved me seem like things that should not be forgotten
  • My thoughts and feelings, if I can express them clearly enough, may be of help to others, just as the expressed thoughts and feelings of others have been of help to me
  • Figuring how how to do this may help me understand myself a bit better

In the context of my technical blog, I have know for a while now – since I was a lab assistant for flight line maintenance labs when I was in college – that it is one thing to understand something and a totally different thing to be able to explain it to someone else.  Being able to write down an explanation requires an even deeper level of understanding.   Meaning that I learn a lot about various technical topics by writing the technical blog.

So I suspect that there is a part of me that hopes to understand myself better along with my feelings and what motivates them by writing for this blog.   So, we seem to have an engineer trying to understand and better express his feelings;  who woulda thunk it.